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Kodak Smile Instant Digital Printer review

A $100 mobile printer, the Kodak Smile can spit out physical copies of the photos on your phone, but it doesn't end there. It can also “print” videos, thanks to a clever augmented reality system.

11 Sep 2019 6:30 pm
How to remove location data from your iPhone photos in iOS 13

With iOS 13, the Photos app gives you an option to protect your privacy by concealing the geolocation of any image or video that you share privately or via social media.

11 Sep 2019 6:00 pm
How to go from lonely to loved with Facebook’s new dating feature

Facebook Dating is available using the Facebook app. The feature will generate a dating profile automatically and match you with other singles looking for love. Want to know how to score a date using this new service? Here's how to use Facebook Dating.

11 Sep 2019 4:07 am
On World Suicide Prevention Day, Facebook announces it will ban self-harm images

Facebook announced changes to its policies that are geared toward improving how it handles suicide and self-injury content. 

10 Sep 2019 10:23 pm
Instagram and Snapchat are down again. Here’s the latest updates on the outage

It's not just you: Instagram and Snapchat both went down on Monday afternoon

10 Sep 2019 3:10 am
Period-tracking apps are sharing people’s intimate data with Facebook

Some period-tracking apps are reportedly sending Facebook personal information about the women who use them

10 Sep 2019 3:04 am
Recycled Asokee case adds filters, mic, grip, and more to a simple GoPro

The Asokee is a GoPro case that gives the camera a filter mount, mic mount, strap, and grip, while leaving the camera's controls and screens easily accessible.

5 Sep 2019 9:28 pm
Facebook Dating launches in the U.S. and will link to Instagram

If you’re sick of continuously swiping, there's a new addition to online dating: Facebook Dating. Facebook users can create a separate Dating profile within the mobile app.

5 Sep 2019 9:12 pm
Twitter disables tweeting via SMS after CEO Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked

Twitter announced that its temporarily disabling users’ ability to tweet via SMS after CEO Jack Dorsey's own account was hacked.

5 Sep 2019 2:13 am
Hackers who hijacked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account claim another victim

The hacker group that took over Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's account has seemingly claimed another victim: the actress Chloe Grace Moretz

5 Sep 2019 1:47 am
Millions of phone numbers linked to Facebook found in exposed database

Millions of phone numbers associated with Facebook accounts have been discovered online. Some of the data included names, gender, and location

5 Sep 2019 1:12 am
No, the government can’t go undercover with fake profiles, Facebook says

Social media accounts are now part of the U.S. visa application -- but while the Department of Homeland Security says officers can use fake accounts to vet those applications, Facebook says they can't. The network says fake accounts will be removed.

5 Sep 2019 12:24 am
YouTube slapped with $170 million fine for violating children’s online privacy

The FTC has fined YouTube $170 million as part of a settlement for the video platform’s treatment of children. YouTube allegedly collected personal information from viewers on channels that are aimed at children.

4 Sep 2019 8:08 pm
YouTube deletes 30,000 videos for hate speech and promises new harassment policy

YouTube said that it removed more than 30,000 videos last month that contained hate speech content. The video platform also announced it plans to update its current harassment policy, which will represent a “fundamental shift in our policies.” 

4 Sep 2019 2:29 am
Facebook will stop using facial recognition by default on your photos

Facebook announced on Tuesday that it will stop using facial recognition by default on your photos and tagging suggestions

4 Sep 2019 1:49 am
Hackers used scarily simple way to take over Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's account on the social media platform fell victim to an old hacking method called SIM swapping.

1 Sep 2019 4:15 am
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked and used to tweet racist messages

A group of hackers calling itself the Chuckling Squad hacked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's own Twitter account Friday, and used it to tweet out racist messages and other offensive messages.

31 Aug 2019 2:37 am
Any child who can do basic math can hack YouTube Kids’ parent controls

YouTube Kids officially launched on the web, but its parental controls are guarded by a simple math question that many children could easily solve.

31 Aug 2019 1:29 am
Skype ups its messaging game with drafts, bookmarks, previews, and more

Skype is upping its messaging game with a raft of new features added to the mobile and desktop service this week, including drafts, bookmarks, and previews.

30 Aug 2019 11:45 am
How to use TikTok

TikTok is the free entertainment app that focuses on short, musical videos created by users. Here's how to use TikTok to make awesome videos, or to just get some laughs.

29 Aug 2019 2:42 am
Facebook has strict new rules for political ads ahead of the 2020 election

Ahead of the 2020 election, Facebook announced changes to its ad policies that will require new disclosures for political ads. Facebook said that it will add “confirmed organization” disclaimers beginning mid-September.

28 Aug 2019 8:56 pm
LinkedIn reportedly used by some nations to recruit spies

Turns out LinkedIn isn’t only an excellent way to find new business opportunities and network with others who work in the same field. It’s also a great way for foreign powers to recruit spies, according to a New York Times report.

28 Aug 2019 3:15 pm