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Giant tectonic plate under Indian Ocean cracking into two, reveals study

Aurlie, who is also a senior research fellow at theInstitutde Physique du Globe deParis(IPGP) compared it with the Dead Sea Fault (DSF) in the Middle East and San Andreas Fault in California (US).

27 May 2020 12:40 am
Researchers find out flickers coming from center of Milky Way

Astronomers also believe that a supermassive black hole with a mass of 4 million suns is located at the center ofSagittariusA*.

25 May 2020 4:44 pm
NASA seeks US citizens for 8-month isolation study for Moon, Mars mission

The international space agency said that it is looking for people who are 30-55 years old and are proficient in both Russian and English languages.

25 May 2020 1:54 pm
Space debris of Russian rocket lights up Australian skies

There were several videos on social media platforms where people sighted it for over 20 seconds.

24 May 2020 10:21 pm