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Pooping on the Moon Is a Messy Business

If humans are to return to the moon, space agencies and governments need to figure out the legal, ethical, and practical dimensions of extraterrestrial waste management.

25 Jun 2024 4:00 pm
Boring Architecture Is Starving Your Brain

Thomas Heatherwick believes architecture has a nutritional value to societyand that the public desperately deserve a better offering.

25 Jun 2024 12:30 pm
Revolutionary Alzheimers Treatments Cant Help Patients Who Go Undiagnosed

Its a question of when, not if, highly effective treatments become available, says the CEO of Alzheimers Research UK. But that doesnt solve the problem of one-third of dementia patients still going undiagnosed.

24 Jun 2024 1:30 pm
Post-Pandemic Recovery Isnt Guaranteed

The aftermath of a disaster like Covid can be divided into roughly three stages: the honeymoon, the slump, and the uptick. The aim is always to build back betterbut in some cases that never happens.

24 Jun 2024 12:30 pm
Starliner Faces an Indefinite Wait in Space While NASA Investigates Its Faults

The space agency has pushed back the spacecrafts return to an unspecified date in July, to give it more time to look into the problems that beset the vehicle on its journey into orbit.

24 Jun 2024 1:10 am
What Came Before the Big Bang?

By studying the geometry of model space-times, researchers offer alternative views of the universes first moments.

23 Jun 2024 4:30 pm
Recluse Spider Season Is a Myth

The venom of recluse spiders can be dangerous, but the idea of there being a season when these arachnids invade homes and bite is unhelpful and wrong.

23 Jun 2024 3:30 pm
How to Exercise Safely During a Heat Wave

An expert in heat-related illnesses outlines the dos and don'ts for when you're exercising or working outside this summer.

22 Jun 2024 5:30 pm
Everythings About to Get a Hell of a Lot More Expensive Due to Climate Change

Intensifying hurricanes, floods, and heat waves are wreaking havoc across the countryand on all of our bank accounts.

22 Jun 2024 4:30 pm
Potatoes Are the Perfect Vegetablebut Youre Eating Them Wrong

The humble potato is a miraculous vegetable, but Americans are eating less of them than ever before and have ditched fresh potatoes for frozen. Is it time to rebrand the spud?

20 Jun 2024 3:30 pm
Banks Are Finally Realizing What Climate Change Will Do to Housing

Extreme weather threatens the investment value of many properties, but financing for climate mitigation efforts are only just getting going.

17 Jun 2024 4:00 pm
How to Avoid Getting Sick This Summer

A microbiologist explains how to not catch summertime germs at the barbecue, in the pool, or on the trail.

15 Jun 2024 5:30 pm
Ukrainian Sailors Are Using Telegram to Avoid Being Tricked Into Smuggling Oil for Russia

Contract seafarers in Ukraine are turning to online whisper networks to keep themselves from being hired into Russias sanctions-busting shadow fleet.

15 Jun 2024 4:30 pm