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Computer made of DNA works out prime factors of 6 and 15

Simple calculations, such as factoring low numbers, can be made by mixing together differently shaped strands of DNA

1 Apr 2023 12:30 am
Ultra-tough battery survives hammer blows and being run over by a car

A hydrogel battery that can perform well at below-freezing temperatures and survive all sorts of damage could keep phones working even when conditions get tough

29 Mar 2023 7:00 pm
Should you be worried that an AI picture of the Pope went viral?

You may have seen these images of Pope Francis looking stylish in a puffer jacket on social media, but you might not have realised they were created by the artificial intelligence tool Midjourney

27 Mar 2023 4:33 pm
Venus flytrap cyborg snaps shut with commands from a smartphone

Researchers created a plant-based robotic arm by connecting a Venus flytrap equipped with soft electrodes to a metallic structure and wirelessly commanding it to grab things

25 Mar 2023 1:30 pm
Wearable anti-anxiety device strokes your arm with a furry pompom

A device that is worn around the forearm reduces anxiety during stressful tasks by gently dragging a small patch of fake fur across a persons skin

24 Mar 2023 9:30 pm
Is GPT-4 already showing signs of artificial general intelligence?

Microsoft has created a series of tests for OpenAI's GPT-4 that it claims show the artificial intelligence model is already displaying sparks of general intelligence

24 Mar 2023 8:31 pm
Google's Bard AI chatbot has now been released to the public

Google is now providing limited public access to its Bard AI chatbot to rival OpenAI's ChatGPT. Here's what we know so far about what it can do and how to access it

22 Mar 2023 12:16 am
Astonishing 3D footage of ants recorded using 54-camera set-up

An imaging technique has allowed researchers to record detailed three-dimensional video of small creatures, including ants, flies and zebrafish larvae

20 Mar 2023 9:30 pm
Quantum computers may finally have their first real practical use

Methods to generate the random numbers we need for secure communications are all flawed in some way, but quantum computers that exist today could produce random numbers that can't be faked

18 Mar 2023 5:30 pm