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NSU opens 325,000-sq-ft Tampa Bay campus built in just 17 months

Kiran Patel, a longtime Tampa Bay cardiologist, entrepreneur and philanthropist, who contributed $250 million for the campus made it possible to build the entire project in a short span of 17 months

18 Sep 2019 11:16 am
Earth in danger? Doomsday asteroid that had its close approach on Saturday will return and unleash chaos

On Saturday, this killer asteroid named 2000 QW7 missed the earth at a distance of 3.3 million miles

16 Sep 2019 6:04 pm
Russian billionaire all set to save humanity by building a floating space garden in solar system

The space nation plans to occupy more than 15 million people in the floating space garden that will be set up in the future.

15 Sep 2019 4:01 pm
Saturday's asteroid flyby is not dangerous, but we will be hit by a doomsday space rock

Experts like Danica Remy and Iain McDonald believe that the Earth will be hit by a doomsday asteroid one day or the other.

14 Sep 2019 9:01 am
Beyond Earth: Man's relentless pursuits to delve into the unknown

India's space agency ISRO has been garnering enormous accolades in the news spectrum recently.

12 Sep 2019 3:44 pm
Alien breakthrough? Scientists detect water in potentially habitable exoplanet

The research report revealed that this exoplanet named K2-18b has an ideal temperature to sustain alien life.

12 Sep 2019 10:44 am
Scientists discover new electric eel species capable of sending chilling shocks

The new eel species is capable of discharging 850 volts of electricity, much higher than the known electric eel species 'Electrophorus electricus'

11 Sep 2019 6:18 pm
Ahmedabad receives torrential downpour; traffic affected due to waterlogging

Even as waterlogging was reported in several areas, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) said that underpasses will remain open for traffic.

10 Sep 2019 2:07 pm
India can set up base on Moon in 10 years to get Helium-3 to Earth, says ex-DRDO scientist

Pillai believes that India will be able to establish a base on the surface of the Moon in the next ten years for extraction of Helium-3.

9 Sep 2019 5:52 pm
Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram intact in one piece, not broken, confirms ISRO

The Vikram lander that houses the six-wheeled rover Pragyaan, hit the lunar surface after communication with the ground-stations was lost during its final descent, just 2.1 km above the lunar surface.

9 Sep 2019 4:55 pm
ISRO locates Vikram lander on the lunar surface; yet to establish contact

The space agency is yet to establish communication with the Vikram lander that was located with the help of the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter.

8 Sep 2019 2:23 pm
NASA incapable of protecting Earth from space threats? Asteroid burned in the skies of Caribbean

NASA revealed that they had very less knowledge about this asteroid, as it was spotted only four times in just under half an hour.

7 Sep 2019 7:30 pm
Chinese rover Yutu-2 continues exploring Moon as India awaits Vikram signals

The Yutu-2 rover taken to the Moon's far side by Chang'e 4 lander has covered nearly 285 meters since its release on the lunar surface on January 3.

7 Sep 2019 5:33 pm
12 pilots clear Gaganyaan selection; here's everything about India's first human space flight

Around 12 test pilots from the IAF have been chosen to be candidates for the maiden human space mission.

7 Sep 2019 5:04 pm
Chandrayaan 2 setback: Can Vikram lander revive contact with Earth stations?

India's second Moon Mission is not a failure by any stretch of the imagination as the orbiter Chandrayaan 2 will continue sending data back to the Earth despite uncertainty about Vikram lander, which is an autonomous vehicle and could revive on its own.

7 Sep 2019 12:56 pm
Hurricane Dorian floods island as it swipes North Carolina then heads north

The storm surge inundated the Outer Banks' Ocracoke Island, cutting off power and submerging many homes and building.

7 Sep 2019 11:38 am
Did Vikram lose control and crash land on the moon?

All was going well with the 1,471 kg Vikram that began its descent at about 1.38 am on Saturday from an altitude of 30 km at a velocity of 1,680 metres per second.

7 Sep 2019 9:15 am
PM Narendra Modi hails ISRO scientists; says India proud of them

ISRO Chairman K Sivan said that the space agency lost communications with Chandrayaan-2's Vikram lander moments before it was scheduled to touch the south pole of the Moon.

6 Sep 2019 5:25 pm
Chandrayaan 2's moment of reckoning: Vikram lander faces '15 minutes of terror'

Controlled descent of Vikram lander carrying Prayan rover scheduled early on Saturday is fraught with unpredictable dangers and is the most crucial manoeuvre for ISRO's Chandrayaan 2 mission

6 Sep 2019 2:27 pm
What is ISTRAC, India's unblinking eye watching over Chandrayaan 2?

ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network is vital to monitoring the heatlh of the second Moon Mission that is scheduled to achieve a soft touch down of the Vikram lander on the lunar surface.

6 Sep 2019 1:19 pm
On threshold of lunar history: Vikram lander all set for soft-landing on Moon

Vikram lander, which separated from Chandrayaan 2 on Monday, will make a soft-landing on the southern polar region of the Moon on Saturday.

4 Sep 2019 3:12 pm