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Want to Keep CPU Usage Less than 50% through out ? How to do it ?

Hi Guys, I am using an old computer which has Windows 7 and Intel old generation chip dual core Pentium processor.There is a software which I want to use on this computer and the developer of the software says that to use the software at its optimum make sure that the CPU usage does not exceed more than 50%. So when I open my task manager I see that it keeps on fluctuating between 40% to 70% what do I need to do? which programs do I need to close ? how do I make sure that for the time being... R

6 Aug 2022 1:37 pm
Backup to google drive from a failed drive?

Hi, My 1TB seagate portable HDD had failed recently with almost 90% of data in it.. I'm able to see the files on EaseUS data recovery & the files are duplicated as expected .. one file with the filename, another without the filename, etc.. As a result, there is about 3 TB of data recovered and it is impossible for me to individually select only the non-duplicates.. Hence I had purchased 2 TB of google drive space.. Now unfortunately though, the recovery software only allows the... Read more

1 Aug 2022 12:33 pm
Is there issue in like function in Instagram?

I replied to someone's comment in Instagram. I received a notification where the creator has liked my comment. But the person whom I replied seems to have deactivated or deleted his account. my comment is visible but there is no like count but the creators name visible below it. Sent from my Redmi Note 9 Pro using Tapatalk

31 Jul 2022 10:56 am