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Corrections and clarifications December 6, 2021

In a report, Longest migration route of lesser florican from Rajasthan tracked (Dec. 4, 2021), the IUCN status of the bird was erroneously mentioned

6 Dec 2021 1:08 am
Corrections and clarifications December 4, 2021

The penultimate paragraph of the story titled Genome consortium advises booster shorts (Dec. 3, 2021) should be recast to say: Anurag Agrawal, Dire

6 Dec 2021 1:08 am
Letters to the Editor December 6, 2021

Be vigilantThe highly infectious Omicron variant of the novel coronavirus has the potential to play spoilsport at a time when the world is slowly tryi

6 Dec 2021 1:07 am
Party and power: On political violence in Kerala

Incidents of political violence in Kerala need a thorough investigation free of interference

6 Dec 2021 1:05 am
Boosters short: On third COVID-19 vaccination dose

Availability, coverage, and scientific evidence should decide approval of booster shots

6 Dec 2021 1:03 am
The Omicron response is not making sense

The onus is on countries in the global south to show leadership and let rationality and science determine the course

6 Dec 2021 12:49 am
Cooperation awaits its finding Raiffeisen moment

In India, government control has only increased, violating a core cooperative principle of political neutrality

6 Dec 2021 12:38 am
The remarkable progress of Emirati women

In the golden jubilee year of its founding, the UAE sends a message of gender equality to the world

6 Dec 2021 12:32 am
The need to reopen anganwadis

India must invest robustly in the worlds largest social programme on early childhood services

6 Dec 2021 12:20 am
In Tamil Nadu, the AIADMK is distanced from political reality

The tenuous relationship between top leaders has harmed the AIADMKs prospects in Tamil Nadu

6 Dec 2021 12:04 am
Readers Mail - City

Stray cattle menaceTahsildar Nagar has become a haven for stray cattle as we see them regularly in our area. They not only pose a threat to vehicle us

5 Dec 2021 6:32 pm
Hamlet said it with feeling: Words, words, words

You know how when you stare at a word for long or keep reading it over and over again it loses all meaning? Psychologists call it semantic satiation.

4 Dec 2021 11:02 pm
Letters to the Editor December 4, 2021

Art of politicsWhile conceding that Mamata Banerjee had earlier allied with the BJP, it must be said that parties in India are ever ready and willing

4 Dec 2021 1:35 am
A capital functioning from different regions

Distributed development and decentralised governance will pave the way for an inclusive Andhra Pradesh

1 Dec 2021 11:51 pm
Corrections and clarifications November 27, 2021

In the report titled Railways to resume cooked food service on premium trains (Nov. 25, 2021), there was an erroneous reference to a Railway Board o

29 Nov 2021 1:24 am
Corrections and clarifications November 23, 2021

The upgraded Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (uGMRT) is not operated by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in the U.S as erroneously stated in t

24 Nov 2021 1:04 am
Reforming the fertilizer sector

In order to address the multiple goals of fertilizer policy, India needs to work on four key areas

22 Nov 2021 11:14 pm
Pause and poise: On Congress' Rajasthan Cabinet reshuffle

Congress seems to have ended factionalism in Rajasthan with a Cabinet shuffle

22 Nov 2021 11:07 pm
Falling short: On data protection provisos

JPC Bill gives much leeway to Govt. to exempt its agencies from data protection provisos

22 Nov 2021 11:07 pm
Letters to the Editor November 23, 2021

Down the drainIt was shocking to read the report, Around 125 tmc ft has drained into sea in October and November (Tamil Nadu, November 22), given th

22 Nov 2021 11:05 pm
Reversing follies in a haunted battleground

Institutionalised neutrality is a remedy that can stop Afghanistan from becoming a geopolitical pivot and a terror source

22 Nov 2021 11:04 pm
Bihars rebid for glory is within the realm of possibility

The States fall from grace can be reversed if voter behaviour is shaped by development

22 Nov 2021 11:03 pm
Ding Dung Bell

Dear Agony Akka,My neighbours, one middle-aged couple with no children, are the worst. They are constantly spying on me and my brother and reporting t

21 Nov 2021 1:44 pm
Amber on economy: on the latest data on inflation

Policymakers must focus on inflation as high prices will put at risk the revival of demand

16 Nov 2021 11:28 pm
For more than a waiver: On India-US global strategic partnership

Threat of sanctions undermines foundation of India-U.S. global strategic partnership

16 Nov 2021 11:27 pm
Letters to the Editor November 17, 2021

Protocol revisionThe revision in post-mortem protocols so that autopsies can be done after sunset (Page 1, November 16) will aid many patients expec

16 Nov 2021 11:25 pm
An outreach to tribals that checks all the boxes

Janjatiya Gaurav Divas is a part of the steps being taken to secure the culture and welfare of Indias tribal communities

16 Nov 2021 11:24 pm
Kabul, Kashmir and the return of realpolitik

India could find itself in a catch-22 situation as engagement with the Taliban may lead Pakistan to up the ante in J&K

16 Nov 2021 11:23 pm
The debacle of demonetisation

Five years later, it is clear that the policy was neither economically sound nor ethically grounded

16 Nov 2021 2:41 pm
Letters to the Editor November 16, 2021

Parliament undermined The Union governments decision to promulgate ordinances, to extend the tenures of the directors of the CBI and the ED, barely w

15 Nov 2021 11:09 pm
Batting for an important yet misunderstood species

A world with fewer bats around is one that has failed to understand the critical role they play in ecosystems

15 Nov 2021 11:08 pm
Is the economy still reeling from demonetisation?

The ill-prepared move left India with all the damages and very few of the benefits

11 Nov 2021 11:28 pm
The lowdown on Indias Glasgow announcement

The newly unveiled commitments at COP26 deserve examination as they came amidst very contradictory official signals

11 Nov 2021 11:24 pm
There are shades of equality

The Kerala governments decision to reserve a higher proportion of scholarships for Muslims is justified

9 Nov 2021 11:57 pm
The cost of BJPs tug of war

The Rajasthan bypolls serve as a lesson for the BJP on leadership, unity and ticket distribution

9 Nov 2021 11:36 pm
Split teams, captaincy and coaches too give Dhoni a bigger role

What we need in the backroom are not cricket people who understand statistics, but statisticians who know cricket

9 Nov 2021 11:10 pm
Letters to the Editor November 9, 2021

Chennai and floodingThere is a social media forward that goes this way: The story of a mega city is this. January to October: water scarcity; Novem

8 Nov 2021 11:19 pm
No quota without quantifiable data

There is lack of recent data on the representation of various communities in education and employment

8 Nov 2021 11:18 pm
A message from Hangal and Sindgi

The results of the Karnataka bypolls come as a warning for the BJP, Congress and the JD(S)

8 Nov 2021 11:16 pm
Its time to engage in lawfare

India has failed to fully appreciate the usage of international law as a means to advance its national security interests

8 Nov 2021 11:16 pm
A vital cog in Bongaigaons response to malnutrition

Project Sampoornas success in reducing child malnutrition is a model that can be easily implemented anywhere

8 Nov 2021 11:15 pm
Quota without data: On reservation policies

States should base reservation policies on data, not political expediency

7 Nov 2021 1:24 am
Letters to the Editor November 3, 2021

Indias green push One believes that the Prime Minister was not carried away by the surcharged environment around the COP26 summit before committing t

2 Nov 2021 11:04 pm
COVID-19 as a tale of job hardship and marginalisation

The plight of Indian women migrant workers in West Asia highlights the lack of gender-centric, rights-based safeguards

2 Nov 2021 11:02 pm
Trade and climate, the pivot for India-U.S. ties

The two areas are interrelated and will lend additional strength to the foundation of a true partnership

2 Nov 2021 11:00 pm
Resisting patriarchy in politics

Allegations of patriarchy in the IUML in Kerala have set off demands for higher representation of women

2 Nov 2021 10:39 pm
Data and the quest for truth

Churning for truth from the ocean of data demands statistical expertise and also innovation

2 Nov 2021 10:39 pm
Brands must stick to their stand

If companies capitulate to bullies and withdraw controversial ads, it will only fuel intolerance

2 Nov 2021 10:38 pm
Letters to the Editor October 2, 2021

Briefing the GovernorAny new Governor of a State in India is entitled to be briefed about the important activities and schemes in the State. All this

1 Nov 2021 11:13 pm
Kashmirs fragility has more complex reasons

To limit what is happening in J&K solely to the impetus created by a Talibanised Afghanistan could cost India dear

1 Nov 2021 11:09 pm