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I compared the cameras on 4 cheap Android phones, and the winner surprised me

Which cheap Android phone has the best camera: the Google Pixel 8a, the Nothing Phone 2, or Samsung's Galaxy A55 or Galaxy A35? I put them all to the test.

20 Jun 2024 8:30 pm
The Galaxy S25 camera specs just leaked. Heres the good and the bad

Theres good and bad news regarding the cameras expected on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S25 smartphone lineup. Here's what you need to know.

20 Jun 2024 6:43 pm
Do you use AT&T? You need to keep a close eye on your next bill

Do you have an older AT&T Unlimited plan? If so, be sure to keep a close eye on your next bill, as it's about to be a lot more expensive.

20 Jun 2024 6:19 pm
5 iOS 18 features I cant wait to use (and 1 that looks terrible)

Apple packed iOS 18 with a ton of cool new features. Here's what I'm looking forward to most, and what I'm not.

20 Jun 2024 5:30 pm
Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra: news, rumored price, release date, and more

A Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra could be arriving before the end of the year. Here's more about this possible wearable device and when it might launch.

20 Jun 2024 4:00 pm
Lenovos new Android tablet just put the Pixel Tablet to shame

In the market for a new Android tablet? Not thrilled with current options like the Google Pixel Tablet? The new Lenovo Tab Plus may be what you're looking for.

20 Jun 2024 3:30 pm
The Apple Watch Series 9 has a $100 price cut for a limited time

Amazon has cut the price of the Apple Watch Series 9 by $100 and we're here to tell you why this is an unmissable offer.

20 Jun 2024 6:30 am
How to find your lost AirPods using the Find My app

Have you lost one of your AirPods again? No worries. You can use the Find My app to locate them. Heres how.

20 Jun 2024 4:30 am
The 40mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 has a $60 price cut today

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is one of our favorite smartwatches for 2024. Right now, you can take home your very own 40mm Watch 6 for just $240.

20 Jun 2024 3:37 am
iPadOS 18 release date: Heres when your iPad will get the update

Are you ready to get your hands on iPadOS 18 for your Apple tablet? There are actually three versions and you'll need to decide which one is right for you.

20 Jun 2024 1:30 am
Best refurbished iPhone deals: Get an iPhone 14 for $472

If you're looking for a new iPhone there are a lot of iPhone deals to shop, but if you want ultimate savings we've found the best refurbished iPhone deals.

19 Jun 2024 10:25 pm
Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 deals: Grab the foldable phone for $484

Interested in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4? Here are the best deals for the foldable smartphone, but you need to hurry if you want to enjoy the huge savings.

19 Jun 2024 10:09 pm
Best Verizon new customer deals: Galaxy S24, iPhone and more

Are your monthly cell phone bills bleeding you dry? Save some cash with these Verizon new customer deals.

19 Jun 2024 9:32 pm
Chipolos newest trackers are like AirTags for Android, and theyre great

Two of the first third-party trackers that work with Google's Find My Device have arrived. The Chipolo One Point and Chipolo Card Point are worth your time.

19 Jun 2024 8:30 pm
Circular just updated its smart ring to take on the Galaxy Ring

Circular has launched an updated version of the Circular Ring Slim as it readies itself for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Ring. Here's what's new.

19 Jun 2024 6:30 pm
Samsung would hate the way I use my Galaxy Z Flip 5

I've been using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 again, and although it folds and unfolds, I've been ignoring that feature. I don't think Samsung would approve.

19 Jun 2024 5:30 pm
Google Pixel 9: news, rumored price, release date, and more

The Google Pixel 9, 9 Pro and 9 Pro XL phones are undoubtedly on the way, and the rumors we've seen so far point to a big design refresh and new AI smarts.

19 Jun 2024 4:00 pm
iOS 18 release date: heres when your iPhone will get the update

Apple revealed iOS 18, which is going to be a huge update for your iPhone. Here's when to expect the betas and final release.

19 Jun 2024 1:30 am
How to get $800 off the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Samsung has a great trade-in offer for a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. Here's what you need to know about it.

19 Jun 2024 12:00 am
The Galaxy S25 will fix a big mistake Samsung made with the Galaxy S24

The Samsung Galaxy S25 is still many months away from a potential release, but early rumors suggest that it may fix one big mistake of the S24.

19 Jun 2024 12:00 am
Best refurbished iPad deals: Get an iPad with warranty for $109

One way to save big on an iPad is by scouring refurbished iPad deals, and we've rounded them all up into one place for you.

18 Jun 2024 11:56 pm
Android 15 just hit a critical milestone

Excited to get your hands on Android 15? Good news! Google's next big Android update just reached a huge milestone. Here are all the details.

18 Jun 2024 11:30 pm
T-Mobile just got in big trouble

T-Mobile's price lock for home internet turned out not to be very much of a price lock at all, landing the company into hot water with the BBB.

18 Jun 2024 10:28 pm
Theres an annoying issue with Googles latest Pixel update

Google released an important software update to Pixel customers beginning last week. Unfortunately, there are some users that haven't yet received it.

18 Jun 2024 9:30 pm
Best Samsung tablet deals: Discounted tablets as low as $150

We've picked out all the best Samsung tablet deals currently available, and they range from budget friendly to high-end options.

18 Jun 2024 9:11 pm
Best Samsung Galaxy S22 deals: Save big on unlocked models

If you're thinking about the Samsung Galaxy S22 as your next smartphone, check out these offers for amazing discounts on carrier-locked and unlocked models.

18 Jun 2024 8:44 pm
The iPhone will never be the same after this

iOS 18 is a big and exciting update for the iPhone. But it also marks a big shift for how Apple handles iPhone updates, and it worries me.

18 Jun 2024 8:30 pm
Best iPhone deals: Save on iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro Max and more

Apple gear gets expensive, but if you can't live without iOS, we've got all the best iPhone deals right here, with discounts on new and last-gen devices.

18 Jun 2024 8:23 pm
Heres how much Motorolas new folding phones will cost

The Motorola Razr (2024) and Razr Plus (2024) should have a least one important thing in common with last year's models. And yes, it's a good thing.

18 Jun 2024 8:18 pm
Xreals new device enables Vision Pro features on smart glasses

Xreal's new Beam Pro works with Air and Air 2 smart glasses, replacing your phone while adding spatial video recording and more.

18 Jun 2024 6:30 pm
These smart glasses are adding AI search right to your face

Solos has updated the AirGo 3 smart glasses with new software enabling a contextual, AI-powered live search feature.

18 Jun 2024 6:30 pm
The Pura 70 Ultra is a frustrating phone with one amazing feature

The Huawei Pura 70 Ultra is a frustrating phone with a lot of baggage. But there's one incredible feature that makes it worth using.

18 Jun 2024 5:30 pm
Save up to $950 on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

Its hard to get a good deal on a flagship tablet, but for a limited time, Samsung is offering up to $950 off the S9 Ultra. No, your eyes do not deceive you.

18 Jun 2024 4:49 am
Motorola is doing something big on June 25

Motorola is preparing something big for next week. Here's what the company has planned for June 25.

18 Jun 2024 3:39 am
watchOS 11 release date: Heres when your Apple Watch will get the update

Apple is adding a ton of great new features for your Apple Watch with watchOS 11. Here's when to expect it.

18 Jun 2024 1:30 am
This is our best look yet at Samsungs Apple Watch Ultra killer

This is what the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra could look like, and it may see a big price jump too.

18 Jun 2024 1:24 am
Should we be worried about the Google Pixel 9?

The Google Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro XL have had benchmarks leak on Geekbench. Simply put, the results are slightly disappointing.

18 Jun 2024 1:04 am
TikTok is about to change forever

TikTok is introducing AI-generated digital avatars for creators and brands to use. Here's how it's going to change things.

17 Jun 2024 11:30 pm
Youve never seen an iPhone like this before

Have you ever seen an iPhone without a camera on the back? If not, here's your chance, and a lesson on why someone may perform this unexpected modification.

17 Jun 2024 9:50 pm
Best Google Pixel deals: Save on Pixel 8, Pixel Buds, and Pixel Watch

Whether you're planning to buy a new smartphone, tablet, wireless earbuds, or smartwatch, we've rounded up the best Google Pixel deals to make shopping easier.

17 Jun 2024 9:08 pm
The Galaxy Watch Ultra might one-up the Apple Watch Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra is expected to rival the Apple Watch Ultra 2. The former might differ in one important aspect: the price.

17 Jun 2024 8:37 pm
5 carriers you should use instead of T-Mobile

While T-Mobile is a great carrier, it's not the most affordable. Here are five alternatives that will give you solid service and keep more money in your wallet.

17 Jun 2024 8:30 pm
Motorola quietly announced a new (and very cheap) Android phone

If you're in the market for a very cheap smartphone, the new Moto E14 is perhaps worth considering.

17 Jun 2024 7:55 pm
The Apple Watch Series 10 could be the biggest Apple Watch upgrade in years

According to a noted industry analyst, Apple's next smartwatch would mark its next anniversary with a thinner and larger chassis alongside new health tricks.

17 Jun 2024 6:58 pm
I cant wait to make my iPhone look like Android with iOS 18

iOS 18 is going to make my iPhone look more like Android that ever before and I can't wait.

17 Jun 2024 5:30 pm
Want to use Apples AI features? Make sure you have one of these iPhones

Apple showed off some very cool AI features coming in iOS 18 this fall. But you're going to need a specific iPhone model in order to check it out.

17 Jun 2024 1:30 am
This tiny Belkin charger is one of the best you can buy in 2024

I've been looking for a good charger for my home office one that's small, fast, and easy to live with. This Belkin one fit the bill perfectly.

16 Jun 2024 5:30 pm
How to download iPadOS 18 on your iPad right now

The upcoming iPadOS 18 aims to reinvent the tablet experience on Apple's slate with a heap of AI features. Here's how you can experience it on your iPad now.

16 Jun 2024 1:30 am
Google Pixel Watch 3: news, rumored price, release date, and more

The Google Pixel Watch 3 isn't launching any time soon, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about it! Here's what we know about Google's next smartwatch.

15 Jun 2024 8:30 pm
Every new iMessage feature coming to your iPhone in iOS 18

Your iMessages are changing significantly in Apple's iOS 18 update. Here are all of the new features to look forward to.

15 Jun 2024 5:30 pm