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Watch: Kal Ho Naa Ho Rendition By Street Performer In UK Wows Internet

A video of a street performer in the United Kingdom singing a popular song from the 2003 hit Bollywood movie 'Kal Ho Na Ho' is winning hearts on social media.

7 Aug 2022 7:16 pm
This Is Ratan Tata: Repos Founder On Phone Call That Changed Everything

Months after receiving a second round of investment from Tata Motors, the co-founder of Repos Energy shared how a call from industrialist Ratan Tata changed the company's fortune.

7 Aug 2022 6:39 pm
71-Year-Old Granny Jordan Goes Viral For Her Basketball Skills

A video of a 71-year-old Mexican woman showing her outstanding basketball abilities has gone viral online.

7 Aug 2022 1:48 pm
Kullu Police's Hilarious Road Safety Advisory Leaves Internet In Splits

Police departments across India have started using fun and innovative ways to spread awareness on various topics. Now, joining the trend, the Kullu Police has also come up with a witty warning...

7 Aug 2022 11:20 am
Watch: Lightning Strikes Clock Tower In Mecca, Then This Happens

A video of lightning striking a clock tower in Mecca has gone viral on social media. The video shows a thunderbolt striking the structure on a rainy evening, and brightening up the sky in a...

7 Aug 2022 10:21 am
Viral Video: Artist Creates Amazing Optical Illusion On A Tree Trunk

A video is going viral on social media shows an artist creating a fairy-like structure spinning on a ball on a tree trunk with the remainder of the tree hovering above her head.

6 Aug 2022 7:01 pm
Boy And Kitten Drink Water From Sprinkler, Adorable Video Hit On Internet

An adorable video is winning hearts on social media shows a little boy drinking water from a pool sprinkler in a garden.

6 Aug 2022 12:41 pm
Viral Video Shows Safe Made Of Chocolate, Internet Surprised

A video gaining traction on social media shows the making of a chocolate safe. It has been posted on Instagram by pastry chef Amaury Guchion, who is known for sharing videos of his chocolate artwork.

5 Aug 2022 6:58 pm
Watch: Man Opens Window To Feed Tiger, What Happens Next Is Stunning

In a video that is going viral on social media, a bus driver can be seen opening the window to feed a tiger who quickly jumps to grab his treat.

5 Aug 2022 6:32 pm
Balenciaga Launches Rs 1.4 Lakh Trash Pouch. Internet Can't Digest It.

No matter how out-of-the-box the idea may be, the Trash Pouch concept did not go well with most people.

5 Aug 2022 5:31 pm
Presenting Diljit Dosanjh - The Salesman. Yes, You Read That Right

The latest clip has spread like wildfire. It has collected more than 1.5 million views within six hours.

5 Aug 2022 4:51 pm
Anand Mahindra Amused By Out Of Stock Taj Mahal Lego Set In US Store

Anand Mahindra posted an image of a Lego store in Manhattan, New York, on Twitter on Thursday.

5 Aug 2022 2:39 pm
Viral Video: Hypnotising Tornado Of Fish Swirls Undersea

A video showing a group of fish coming together to form a tornado-like structure has gone viral on social media.

5 Aug 2022 12:57 pm
Video: Footpath Crack's Open Moments After Man Walks Over It

A shocking video of a man nearly escaping a major accident has surfaced online. The CCTV footage was shared on Reddit on Wednesday and since it has accumulated more than 50,000 upvotes.

4 Aug 2022 3:23 pm
Man Gets Fired For Reaching Office 20 Minutes Late In Over 7 Years

A person was allegedly fired by his employer for reaching his workplace late for the first time in more than seven years. The incident was shared by one of the colleagues of the fired employee on...

4 Aug 2022 2:14 pm
Viral Video Of A Sea Cucumber Eating Leaves Internet Stunned

A video of a weird-looking deep-sea creature called sea cucumber has surfaced online and has left the internet stunned.

4 Aug 2022 2:07 pm
Dog In US Shot Between The Eyes Miraculously Survives

A dog in the United States miraculously survived getting shot in the head, after he ran away from a breeding farm where he lived and went missing.

3 Aug 2022 6:36 pm
This Phir Hera Pheri Meme Adds To Assam Police's War On Drugs

The meme features the character Kachra Seth, a drug peddler from the 2006 Hindi comedy film Phir Hera Pheri

3 Aug 2022 6:16 pm
Artist Nails Celebrities' Reaction On Ranveer Singh's Nude Photoshoot

After Ranveer Singh dropped his nude pictures from a photoshoot on the internet, it has caused a huge stir and even triggered an FIR against the actor. The internet is flooded with memes spawned by...

3 Aug 2022 4:14 pm
Agra Shop Sells Golden Ghevar For Rs 25,000 Per Kg

Ahead of Raksha Bandhan, a sweet shop in Uttar Pradesh is selling golden ghevar which costs Rs 25,000 per kg. Ghevar finds its roots in Rajasthani cuisine.

3 Aug 2022 4:01 pm
Watch: Man Cradles Crocodile Like A Baby Before Feeding Him

A video of a man feeding a crocodile that emerges out of water and wraps its forelimbs around his legs, partially dipped in the water, is going viral.

3 Aug 2022 3:59 pm
Twitter Flags Unusual Signboard In Bengaluru, Traffic Police Responds

A commuter in Bengaluru recently spotted an unusual road sign and shared a picture on social media, tagging the traffic police to clear the doubts.

3 Aug 2022 3:10 pm
A Canadian Candy Company Is Looking For A 'Chief Candy Officer'

A candy company in Canada is hiring a professional taste tester, with a salary of up to $100,000 (over Rs 60 lakh) per year.

3 Aug 2022 12:56 pm
Watch: Messi Steps In As Guards Try To Take Young Fan Away

In a heart-warming gesture,Lionel Messi on Sunday intervened when the guards were taking away a young fan who was trying to approachhim. The seven-time Ballon d'Or winner also took a selfie with the...

3 Aug 2022 12:55 pm
Viral Video: Little Boy Meets Robot Wall-E For The First Time

A video has surfaced on social media that shows a little boy meeting popular robot from the film Wall E face-to-face for the first time. And now, his reaction is going viral on social media.

3 Aug 2022 11:48 am
Nancy Pelosis Plane to Taiwan Becomes Worlds Most Tracked Flight, Website Claims

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosis plane to Taiwan aboard a US Air Force's Boeing C-40C SPAR19 became the most tracked flight in the world. FlightRadar24, a flight tracking website based in Sweden that uses aircraft ADS-B broadcast signals sent to ground-based receivers, as well as satellite data and several other sources to track thousands of flights live around the...

2 Aug 2022 9:23 pm
Monster Fish Caught By US Fisherman Leaves Internet Stunned

A US fisherman has shocked social media users by catching an enormous tiger muskie in Connecticut's Lake Lillinonah.

2 Aug 2022 3:21 pm
Watch: Ukrainian Rescuer Proposes To Girlfriend Amid Siren Wails

A heartwarming video is going viral online which shows a Ukrainian emergency rescuer getting down on his knees and proposing to his partner as the sounds of sirens echo in the background.

2 Aug 2022 2:53 pm
Justin Bieber Shares Video Of Drummer At 'Jagrata', Internet Surprised

A video of a man playing drum at a religious programme - also known as 'Jagrata' - has caught the attention of the popular Canadian Pop Singer Justin Bieber. The singer posted the man's video on his...

2 Aug 2022 2:52 pm
Video: Angry Worker Destroys Luxury Homes With Digger After Getting Fired

An angry man was recently filmed destroying a marina using an excavator, after apparently getting fired by his employer. The footage was captured on camera by shocked bystanders before police officers...

1 Aug 2022 5:42 pm
Watch: Sisters Confuse Viswanathan Anand With A Chess-Related Question

India's chess legend Viswanathan Anand was recently left puzzled after two young fans asked him a question at the Chess Olympiad in Chennai.

1 Aug 2022 4:57 pm
Wearable Fan Helps Cats and Dogs Beat the Heat in Japans Scorching Summer

A new wearable fan designed by a clothing maker and veterinarians in Tokyo is helping cats and dogs in the country beat the heat in the summer. The fan runs on a battery and is attached to a mesh outfit to blow air around the pets body, as the country has barely seen any rains this year. The device debuted in July and the designer has received around 100 orders for...

1 Aug 2022 4:07 pm
Mexican Woman's Tombstone Gets Big Penis Statue - Her Dying Wish: Report

A Mexican great-grandmother named Catarina Orduna Perez recently got her wish granted of having a giant statue of a penis on top of her grave following her death.

31 Jul 2022 8:18 pm
Adorable Video Shows A Day In The Life Of A Panda Caretaker

The internet is full of animal videos which show their funny behaviours. One such video now going viral online shows some pandas playfully tussling with their caretaker. Shared on Twitter, the video...

31 Jul 2022 7:01 pm
Meet The US Woman Who Is Winning Hearts With Her Bhangra Moves

Omala's Instagram bio states that she is a self-taught Bhangra dancer and if the comments on her several videos are anything to go by, her followers cannot get enough of her graceful moves.

31 Jul 2022 11:25 am
International Friendship Day 2022: Date, History And Importance Of The Day

From making every journey worth remembering to being willing to lend an ear when we need the most, friends hold a significant place in our lives. To celebrate this bond of friendship, July 30 is...

30 Jul 2022 11:48 am
No Poets: House Rental Ad's Odd Condition Amuses Internet

A rental advertisement for a property has been doing rounds on the internet over an odd condition. No poets, he ad for the one-bedroom apartment stated.

30 Jul 2022 11:27 am
Man, Woman Get Married In Karnataka. 30 Years After Their Death.

Shobha and Chandappa got married in a traditional wedding ceremony in Karnataka's Dakshina Kannada district on Thursday. 30 years after their death. Clearly not an ordinary wedding, it was a 'Pretha...

29 Jul 2022 8:02 pm
International Tiger Day: A Day For The Majestic Wild Cats

India alone is home to around 3,000 wild tigers. This makes it the country with the largest population of wild tigers, according to World Wild Life (WWF).

29 Jul 2022 11:40 am
Extremely Dangerous: After Exotic Cat Spotted In New York, A Warning

A potentially dangerous exotic cat is on loose in the United States and animal rescue has asked residents to keep an eye out for it.

28 Jul 2022 4:32 pm
Sada Nikka Sher...: Burberry Children's First Sikh Model Wins Internet

Burberry released its new Children's Autumn-Winter 2022 campaign and it's been met with immense praise from the Indian community as it stars four-year-old Sahib Singh - the brand's first-ever Sikh...

28 Jul 2022 12:16 pm
Viral Twitter Thread Claims World Is Getting Less Colourful. Explains How

The Twitter thread also has side-by-side photos of a house from the 1970s and one with modern design that shows how grey has replaced other colours.

27 Jul 2022 7:19 pm
Watch: APJ Abdul Kalam Talks About Mothers And Their Priceless Smile

APJ Abdul Kalam is credited with the development of the Agni and Prithvi missiles and has inspired generations with his relentless work for the welfare of the country.

27 Jul 2022 5:13 pm
You Can Get A Death Certificate On This Website. But There's A Catch

We are often told that if you want something done right, do it yourself. Industrialist Anand Mahindra today shared a screenshot of a website that asks you if you are getting the document for yourself...

27 Jul 2022 4:53 pm
Driving Without Sufficient Fuel: Traffic Challan From Kerala Goes Viral

The man, identified as Basil Syam, was riding his Royal Enfield motorcycle when he was stopped by a traffic cop and challan issued.

27 Jul 2022 2:56 pm
Video: Swiggy Delivery Executive Waits Without Raincoat Amid Heavy Rain

Swiggy responded after the video of its delivery agent went viral saying the company values the efforts of all its distribution partners.

27 Jul 2022 1:43 pm
Mashup Of Red Hot Chili Peppers With Sufi Song Is A Hit On Internet

Guitarist Andre Antunes from Portugal posted a remixed version of 'Patakha Guddi' with popular Red Hot Chili Peppers tracks on YouTube.

27 Jul 2022 11:56 am
Brawl At Funeral Wake In England, Mourners Pepper Sprayed: Report

The incident was reported at Merseyside, in Northwest England. More than a dozen police vehicles rushed to the the site of the brawl.

26 Jul 2022 6:30 pm
Nagaland Minister Shares Mesmerising Video Of Clouds Floating Down Valley

Temjen Imna Along, Nagaland minister who is popular on social media, has shared a beautiful video with his followers on Twitter which is now viral.

26 Jul 2022 5:58 pm
Lamborghini Goes Airborne After Being Hit By SUV, Catches Fire As It Lands

In a chilling incident, a Lamborghini SUV in the US landed on the roof of a house after a crash, slid off and burst into flames before the driver fled the scene.

26 Jul 2022 4:32 pm