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Buy Fallout 76 for just $5 right now

Save over 90% on Fallout 76, the online multiplayer prequel to Bethesda's ultra-popular series, with this deal.

24 May 2024 9:30 pm
The best cheap tablets of 2024: Expert tested and reviewed

We went hands-on with the top cheap tablets that offer high-end features at lower prices from Apple, Amazon, and more.

24 May 2024 9:30 pm
The best lawn and garden deals for Memorial Day 2024

Memorial Day is a great time to take advantage of deals on things like lawn care tools, outdoor TVs, and patio furniture to make your lawn look its best this summer.

24 May 2024 9:28 pm
This Samsung projector is secretly a gaming console, and it's $200 off for Memorial Day

The Samsung Freestyle 2 builds on its predecessor with greater functionality, a better remote, and some literally game-changing features. Plus, it's discounted for Memorial Day weekend sales.

24 May 2024 9:10 pm
Google Play Store's new higher limit means you can now pay up to $1,000 for an app

The previous limit of $400 was significantly lower than the highest limit on Apple's and Meta's app stores.

24 May 2024 8:50 pm
The best laptops under $1,000: Expert tested and reviewed

We tested the best laptops from Apple, Dell, HP, and more that deliver top-tier power, speed, and performance without breaking the bank.

24 May 2024 8:50 pm
The best VPN services for iPhone and iPad in 2024: Expert tested and reviewed

We went hands-on with the best VPNs for your iPhone and iPad to find the best iOS VPNs to help you stream content and surf the web while keeping your devices safe.

24 May 2024 8:30 pm
The best DNA test kits of 2024

We found the best at-home DNA tests to help you learn more about your family history and health conditions, as well as answer your concerns about privacy.

24 May 2024 8:28 pm
This $199 speaker may be the perfect accessory for the iMac - just look at it!

BlueAnt's new Soundblade speaker enhances desktop audio with a sleek under-monitor design.

24 May 2024 7:53 pm
Buy Microsoft Visual Studio Pro for $40

Code faster and work smarter with a license to Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022, which is currently 91% off.

24 May 2024 7:30 pm
What does GPT stand for? Understanding GPT 3.5, GPT 4, GPT-4o, and more

The 'GPT' in ChatGPT is a key component of the chatbot. Here's what you need to know.

24 May 2024 3:09 pm
What is Copilot (formerly Bing Chat)? Here's everything you need to know

Microsoft's AI chatbot has proven to be a worthy rival to ChatGPT, and you can start using it for free today.

24 May 2024 2:41 pm
Generative AI may be creating more work than it saves

Addressing a problem or opportunity with generative AI might be overkill.

24 May 2024 1:54 pm
The 95+ best Memorial Day deals of 2024: Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and more

Memorial Day is almost here and we've rounded up the best deals you can shop now. Grab top TVs, headphones, home and outdoor gear, memberships, and more.

24 May 2024 3:05 am
The best noise-canceling earbuds of 2024: Expert tested and reviewed

Dim down distractions -- whether you're on the go or at home -- with the best noise-canceling earbuds, vetted by our experts.

24 May 2024 2:04 am
The best laptop docking stations in 2024: Expert tested and reviewed

We tested some of the best laptop docking stations to clean up your workspace, some of which are on sale now.

24 May 2024 1:45 am
The best VPN for Windows: Expert tested and reviewed

We tested the best VPNs for your Windows PC on everything from speed to server count to security. Here are some of the top VPNs for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

23 May 2024 11:17 pm
T-Mobile is raising prices on several cellular plans - here's how much and when

The carrier has acknowledged that it's 'adjusting prices to respond to rising costs.' Here's how much more you can expect to pay.

23 May 2024 10:46 pm
The Nixplay Touch 10 digital photo frame is the perfect gift (and it's on sale for Memorial Day)

Looking for a gift memorable gift? The Nixplay Touch 10 will display your loved one's favorite memories, and it's currently 40% off.

23 May 2024 10:28 pm
Get the Bose QuietComfort 2 earbuds for $85 less ahead of Memorial Day

We love the Bose QuietComfort earbud lineup for its excellent noise cancellation and unrivaled sound, and right now the QuietComfort 2 earbuds are $85 off at Amazon.

23 May 2024 10:27 pm
Is Temu legit? Everything to know before you place your first order

Have you wondered if Temu is a safe place to buy from, if the items are real, or if the website steals your data? These are frequently asked questions, so let's unpack them.

23 May 2024 10:03 pm
These headphones pack an all-day battery life and great sound -- and they're only $50 right now

The 1More SonoFlow SE headphones deliver great sound and 70 hours of playback, and they're less than $50 ahead of Memorial Day.

23 May 2024 8:04 pm
A massive Microsoft outage is impacting Bing, Copilot, ChatGPT, and DuckDuckGo

The rest of ChatGPT stills works, but its internet search functionality is affected.

23 May 2024 6:49 pm
This is the most advanced GPS dog tracker I've tested, rivaling the AirTag

The Petcube GPS Tracker is a stellar way to watch your dog's location in real time, with the added bonus of fitness tracking.

23 May 2024 3:43 pm
Don't go to the beach this summer without these gadgets

I found the most useful and portable beach gadgets you should take on your next weekend getaway.

23 May 2024 3:30 pm
My 5 must-have extensions for Firefox on Android (and what I use them for)

If you've already switched to Firefox on Android, or are considering making the switch, you might be interested in knowing the mobile browser includes extensions to boost the feature set. Here are my favorites.

23 May 2024 2:56 pm
MacBook Pro (M3 Max) review: Apple's pro AI laptop is a chart-topper in 2024

Despite shifting industry trends, the MacBook Pro with M3 Max is a powerhouse laptop that's even faster than Apple advertises, as my hands-on testing shows.

23 May 2024 2:02 am
The best laptops of 2024: Expert tested and reviewed

Some of the best laptops were just released this year. We tested all of the top options to help you pick the right one.

23 May 2024 1:54 am
Save $800 on the Razer Blade 15 laptop at Walmart ahead of Memorial Day

Whether you're looking for a solid gaming laptop or a PC to help you get work done, the Razer Blade 15 is a great option -- and it's on sale for Memorial Day.

23 May 2024 1:50 am
I replaced my expensive Klipsch soundbar with this JBL, and it surprised me in the best way

If you're looking for clarity in sound and ease of setup, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better soundbar than the JBL Bar 1000 at its price point.

23 May 2024 1:47 am
The best parental control apps of 2024

The best parental control apps can help you protect your children with location tracking, screen time limits, web filtering, and more.

23 May 2024 1:46 am
The best live TV streaming services of 2024: Expert tested

I tested the best live TV streaming services that let you watch your favorite shows, news, and sports in real time. Here's how to choose between Sling TV, Hulu Plus Live TV, YouTubeTV, and more.

23 May 2024 12:09 am
The best TVs of 2024: Expert tested and reviewed

The best TVs don't make you compromise on picture and sound quality just to stay on-budget. We tested the top TVs from Samsung, Hisense and more.

23 May 2024 12:00 am
The best battery video doorbell for Ring fans is down to $120 for a limited time

If you're a Ring user looking to upgrade to a battery-powered video doorbell, the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus is the perfect choice, especially at 20% off with this Memorial Day deal.

22 May 2024 11:54 pm
I tested this cheaper Oura Ring competitor for women - here's my buying advice

The Movano Evie Ring undercuts the Oura Ring and offers a slew of features catered to women's health. Let's take a look at how it compares to the market leader under real-world tests.

22 May 2024 6:35 pm
The Evie Ring is a smart ring made for women should they buy it?

While the $269 smart ring is cheaper than its competitors, what the Evie Ring gains in affordability it loses in helpful health data insights and strong battery life.

22 May 2024 3:27 pm
Get a Sam's Club membership for 50% off right now

Instead of paying $50 for an annual Sam's Club membership, you'll only pay $25 with this deal.

22 May 2024 2:30 am
Sonos just quietly refreshed its Roam 2 portable speaker, and you'll appreciate the changes

New design improvements to the $179 speaker include a faster pairing process and better battery life. Here's what else you can expect.

22 May 2024 12:07 am
Samsung's flagship tablet looks better than ever. And it's only $399 for Memorial Day

The big screen and long battery life make the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE great for getting work done on the go and watching movies. And right now, it's $50 off during Amazon's Memorial Day sale.

21 May 2024 11:47 pm
The Roborock Q7 Max+ robot vacuum is 45% off ahead of Memorial Day

The Roborock Q7 Max+ robot vacuum and mop delivers a hands-free experience with a self-emptying dustbin for $480.

21 May 2024 11:45 pm
The Skylight Calendar is an absolute game-changer for getting my busy family organized

In my constant battle to get organized, the 15-inch Skylight Calendar smart display made the biggest difference.

21 May 2024 11:40 pm
The Samsung QLED TV I most recommend is up to $2,600 off for Memorial Day

The 2023 Neo QLED TV is no longer the latest from Samsung, but it still delivers color-accurate pictures and fantastic sound right out of the box.

21 May 2024 9:46 pm
Get a Hydrow Rower for up to $775 off for Memorial Day

Looking to step up your fitness game this summer? Get a steep discount on the Hydrow Pro Rower and the Hydrow Wave Rower during Memorial Day weekend.

21 May 2024 8:54 pm
Sonos's new $449 Ace headphones beat the AirPods Max in three major ways

Sonos' highly-anticipated over-ear headphones are finally here, and some features set them apart from others on the market.

21 May 2024 7:00 pm
Adobe Lightroom's new AI feature removes objects with one click - see for yourself

If you loved Generative Fill, you'll want to try this.

21 May 2024 6:46 pm
The Skylight Calendar turned out to be the best way to get my busy family organized

In my constant battle to get organized, the 15-inch Skylight Calendar smart display made the biggest difference.

21 May 2024 1:32 am