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Florida's unusual hazy skies: Canadian wildfire smoke blankets the sunshine state

Residents in Florida woke up to hazy skies and unhealthy air quality caused by wildfire smoke originating from Canada. The smoke traveled an unconventional path due to high-pressure systems and north/northeasterly winds. Florida briefly had the worst air quality in the country. The impact of the wildfires extends beyond Florida and the US, and proactive measures are needed to manage the fires. The smoke was expected to linger until early Wednesday.

4 Oct 2023 5:16 pm
President Biden announces an additional $9 Billion in student debt relief

US President Joe Biden is expected to announce an additional $9 billion in student debt relief for 125,000 borrowers. This will bring the total amount of debt forgiven by the Biden administration to $127 billion, benefiting almost 3.6 million individuals. The relief measures include extra debt relief for borrowers in public service loan forgiveness programs, rectifying issues with income-driven repayment programs, and allocating funds for borrowers with disabilities. The Department of Education

4 Oct 2023 4:07 pm
Biden warns democracies 'can die when people are silent'

President Joe Biden urged Americans to stand up for democracy in a speech Thursday that accused rival Donald Trump and extremist Republicans of trying to subvert US institutions. They can die when people are silent and they fail to stand up, said Biden, particularly criticizing Republicans for failing to speak up after Trump accused America's top military officer of treason.

29 Sep 2023 2:47 am
Peruvian national arrested on suspicion of making 150 US bomb threats

Peruvian police have arrested a man suspected of making bomb threats against US schools, synagogues, hospitals, and airports. Eddie Manuel Nunez Santos, 33, is accused of making 150 bomb threats, some of which were directed at Jewish institutions during the Rosh Hashanah holiday. The threats were all hoaxes, but caused evacuations and disruptions across five states. Nunez Santos allegedly had a motive of getting youths to send him explicit photos. He is facing extradition to the US and charges t

29 Sep 2023 1:54 am
Nato's secretary general meets with Zelenskyy to discuss 'ending Russia's aggression'

Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to discuss the war in Ukraine and the needs of the Ukrainian troops. Zelenskyy requested additional air defense systems to protect power plants and energy infrastructure, which were damaged in previous attacks by Russia. Stoltenberg reiterated Nato's support for Ukraine and stated that a stronger Ukraine would help end Russia's aggression. The meeting took place after Russia accused Ukraine's Western allies

29 Sep 2023 1:07 am
28 Sep 2023 11:58 pm