1. -Company name:
  2. -Other modules:,
  3. -This is an INDIA-CENTRIC website.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. -HTML5/ CSS3 including simple HTML/ XHTML & CSS.
  2. -Responsive Designs
  3. --Photoshop
  4. -Bootstrap
  5. -All the latest techniques which are used while making the design.
  6. -Support multiple web-design projects
  7. -Adept at designing social media creatives/banners, Ads, working knowledge of grid tools, etc.
  8. -Have creativity & imagination, Other key qualities: interest, enthusiasm, willing to experiment, and self-driv-en
  9. -You will function as the lead Web Designer
  11. -FULL-TIME POSITION IN the Chandigarh / Mohali area
  12. -Suitable education and experience
  13. -Lots of professional growth - more modules coming

Why consider

  1. -The work - to build and grow our India-centric website is both exciting and fulfilling
  2. -You will enjoy our work environment which is relaxed, open-discussions, supportive as we work hard. Your creativity, challenges and insights are welcome and looked forward to. We are a small team.
  3. -You will have the chance to continuously build your skills including formal & ongoing training.
  4. --Opportunity to build your team over time.
  5. -You are an integral part of our team, and your responsibilities include both your functional area, and working with all other design, develop, improve / update and market all our productions and services. This will build both your functional / technical skills, and also business and multi-functional skills.
  6. -Salary / compensation is competitive. Bonus potential with Sales and Profits for All.

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