This is an INDIA-CENTRIC website and we celebrate India every day.

We are currently designing the Indian Fashion site. YOU MUST BE EXCITED AND SOMEWHAT KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT INDIAN FASHION which we define broadly. Our ultimate goal is get India and the Rest of the World excited about our Indian Fashions. Our focus will be to highlight Indian Fashions from everywhere both modern, traditional, mix & match, and everything related, and to drive traffic and engagement. This is a part-time position.


We are driven by the passion to create fashion that appeals to your eyes and to your heart involving mostly Indian touch. The person should be able to generate content based on trending styles and the new looks out in market but focus should be Indian perspective. For e.g. - nowadays, people mix & match western styles with some Indian touch. So our ultimate focus is to showcase the Indian Fashion. If you help us in spreading Indian Fashion to the outside world, that would be a major plus for us.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. -Work with our technical team to develop this site. We are currently working on it.
  2. -As content writer, curator and content manager - you will take ownership of this site - you will decide what content is produced and highlighted, how often refreshed, and even how it is marketed.
  3. -Have creativity & imagination; interest, enthusiasm, willing to experiment, and self-driven.
  4. -Keep up with current trends, and have a keen sense for audience engagement.
  5. --Work with our marketing team to popularize this site in social media channels and other avenues.
  6. -Invite Readers to contribute content, and highlight and celebrate them.
  7. -Work with Sales to help generate Advertising and Sponsorship sales.
  8. -Cross promote WerIndia's other properties.
  9. -Helpful to have some technology background, some wordpress or similar experience.
  10. -This is a part-time position, one can work from anywhere - at least 3 hours per day or more. We prefer a long-term engagement.
  11. -Suitable education and experience.

Why consider

  1. -The work - to build and grow our India-centric website is both exciting and fulfilling.
  2. -You will enjoy our work environment which is relaxed, open-discussions, supportive as we work hard. Your creativity, challenges and insights are welcome and looked forward to. We are a small team.
  3. -Opportunity to build your team over time. In addition add interns and students.
  4. -You are an integral part of our team, and you will work all business functions - marketing, sales and technical.
  5. -Monetary compensation will be based on your availability, and competitive with bonus potential.

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