Frequently Asked Questions:

What is WerIndia.com about?

As noted in the "About Us", at the present time, WerIndia.com is a news aggregator for India(n) and India related news worldwide. We seek to present headlines of both the major / national / regional sources, but also niche and upcoming sources in one convenient location, and present diverse viewpoints regardless of their opinion leanings (possibly including blogs). We will do our best to include a source provided they maintain an online (internet) presence. If you would a source to be included, then please let us know by contacting us at: admin@werindia.com, or werindia@yahoo.com.

What are the future plans for our site?

We have many ideas to extent the scale and scope of this site. In addition to the main site, currently we are working on couple other topics. The one commonality in all of this will be it will be either India or Indian-centric. Our hope is to develop this site into a portal with multiple topics and extensions. Our vision is to be recognized as a major Indian and/or India-centric destination web-portal or site. We are open to all ideas and welcome your ideas, suggestions and feedback. You can contact us at admin@werindia.com. Suitably, we are happy to collaborate with you the collective development priorities.

What was the spark for this initiative?

This is a reasonable question given that many websites already exist for long-time with overlapping topics and interest. One major spark was that we are passionate about India and Indian-ness. And, we seemed to know so little about it – but when we learn about new things, we are amazed about that fact. Our limited research helped us conclude that most people also have limited knowledge. It is our view that individuals – both from India and from those outside of India, may find such information useful.

Alongside this, it was also our conclusion there are so many talented people in almost all walks. Given our passion for India and Indian-ness, we were wondering if we could provide a forum and/or platform for the multitudes of talent. Our focus will to be neutral (like being agnostic to one belief over the other) by region, language, culture, topic or any other groups / segments of people.

Who are you?

The company was incorporated in 2012. A team of working professionals with varied background has collaborated to build this website. We are open to a variety of experimentation also. Besides the core group, a range of freelancers, part-timers amongst others, is also supporting us. We welcome your interest to join us as part of our team or as a contributor. You can contact us at:admin@werindia.com.

Is WerIndia.com a commercial venture?

Yes we are. At the present time, our revenue model is expected to be advertising and sponsorship based, similar to other commercial media organizations.

Does WerIndia.com publish a news hotline?

We are exploring this, as we consider to becoming a media and entertainment web portal.

Do you ever delete stories?

For stories that were generated by us or contributed to us, we do not plan to delete those stories. After a certain time period, we will considering archiving them.

What are the icons on the right sides of the page?

There are two sets of icons: at the top are the sign in, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr icons. Below the menu to the right are the GRID (or Picture) view and LIST (or Text) view icons.

How do you conduct your Polls or Surveys?

We will respond to this in due course.

What are your guidelines for republication of your content?

If you are interested in republishing any of our content (including text, stories, pictures, quotes, etc.), first you must seek permission from us. In certain cases, in addition to permission from us, you will need the separate permission of the content creator / journalist/writer. Please write to us at:admin@werindia.com with your request and we will advise you on your request, as well as if you need the permission of the content creator. Please note the following:

  • Attribution and citation: All republished articles must include the following citation: "This content (text, article, picture, quote, etc.) was first published in www.WerIndia.comand is being republished here with permission".
  • Your requests for republication must specify the particular content to enable us to respond. If possible, you can send us a link of that article.
  • We will make every effort to response in a reasonable time frame. If you do not hear form us, then you can ether contact us again, or assume that we have declined your request.
User Account:

How can I sign into my account?

Please click the sign-in link at the top-right of the page. Once you are registered or signed-in in any part of the site, you remain signed in for most other parts of the site.

I am having problems with my user account – does not let me log in?

Please email us at:admin@werindia.com. Do give us your sign-in Email ID.

How can I delete my account?

At this point, we don't allow accounts to be deleted. But we continue to assess this.


I am having problems commenting?

If you experience this repeatedly, please email us at:admin@werindia.com.

Can I edit my comment after posting it?

At this time, once a comment is posted, you do not have the ability to edit it. If you have concerns about the contents of the comment (such as personal information, or it can be viewed to be abusive, etc.), please contact us.

Why are my comments not going through?

If this happens repeatedly, then please contact us at:admin@werindia.com.

I cannot get live streams to work on my computer?

We do find that the live streams are working on the main site. We suggest you explore the browsers installed on your computer or tablet. The recommended browsers are: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. After multiple attempts, please contact us at:admin@werindia.com.

I go to WerIndia.com – but it looks like it has not been updated in days?

Please close the browser and reopen. Some topics and feeds are not updated as frequently, so you may want to try other topics to see if you experience this. If you still do, please contact us at: admin@werindia.com.

How do I bookmark a page?

Currently we don't have this feature, but continue to assess this

Comments, Contributions & Moderations:

I have comments or corrections for news stories. What should I do?

For the Stories that appear in other media sources, you should contact those media sources about this. And for the stories or any content you had submitted to us, please update the content if you have moderator access, or send us an email at:admin@werindia.com about this.

Where can I send story questions, news tips or ideas?

Appreciate your interest here. Please contact us at:admin@werindia.com.

How can I submit Suggestions and Ideas to your site?

We sincerely welcome your interest. You may submit your suggestions and ideas to admin@werindia.com.

A comment that was posted offended me. What should I do?

Let us know by contacting us at:admin@werindia.com. We suggest you do not respond to the person who might have offended you.

What sort of articles and content would you accept?

Please refer the answers in the above question that give you some examples of the type of content you can supply us, and as importantly – possibly how you could stand to benefit. While most focus on what might be interesting for others to know, we say that it can be also something you are passionate about, within of course the broad contours of this website scope.

How do you decide what gets posted on our website?

Our editors choose what gets posted on our website.

I am a writer and journalist. How can I join your team?

As a startup, we have a few professional journalists and/or freelance writers / journalists on our team. We are continuously looking to grow our team. You can also see our job openings section when we make that operational. Irrespective of current openings, we encourage you to contact us at:admin@werindia.com about your interest and the type of work you would be interested in. We are continuously evaluating our future strategy and the great people we would need to attract to our team.

As you are likely to be as passionate about India and India-centric topics as we are, we encourage you to submit story or content on a variety of topics. Your submissions could be about:

  • A story, picture, quote, survey question, video, joke, abuse, recipe or food item, anything you might have overheard, aspect or event from history, historical person, lifestyle, an individual, accomplishment, profession, religion, miracles, oddity, anything posted on social media, a new angle or perspective about well known things, etc.
  • Was this developed created by you or did you see somewhere, and if so, gives us the source and web link if available.
  • Can be in all of our Languages.
  • These being only examples and not a comprehensive list.

What we offer you in return is that, in the initial phase we do not plan to publish full stories, but select headlines and quotes. While people post such things on their social media pages, we will give you the opportunity for wide publicity with the ability to display your name, any short messages and the link back to your own blogs, websites and other sources. Additionally, your submissions to us can be on a non-exclusive basis provided you retain the right to do so. In a future extension, if we post such full stories, we will seek your prior permission.

We also encourage all contributors on any topics. You can assess the benefit you see as the result of this. Your support can only help to make the mission we are pursuing and the website we are building that much stronger.

How can I get involved & can I become a contributor?

We welcome your interest, and encourage you to contact us at: admin@werindia.com. Let us know if you want to be a contributor, moderator, assist with advertising. Please email us with nature of your interest. We hope to have a Jobs sections/link soon.

We greatly appreciate your support to us by spreading the word - recommend our site or specific articles to your friends; We have many ideas to pursue in the future.

Do you ever delete comments?

For comments generated for our stories, we are evaluating the plan forward. For other comments, the story headlines and associated comments will be deleted periodically.

Do you moderate comments?

While we hope to allow comments to appear immediately, we intend to moderate / delete content that abusive, considered harassment, not be legal, etc.