How to Edit Video For Social Media?

How to Edit Video For Social Media?

Social media content has gone through remarkable changes over the years. There is a growing demand for video content. The Internet is now flooded with video content marketing to entertain, inform, and engage audiences. There is no need for the audience to read a lengthy article to get information when it can be easily obtained quickly with less time.

With the burgeoning demand for video content, businesses that lack video marketing might suffer and probably perish in today’s competitive landscape. According to research conducted by Axonn, more than 50% of companies use video content for marketing their product.

Nowadays, information is accessed not only through a company’s website but also other platforms. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reels, are incorporating short videos into their feeds to engage and keep their audience glued to the site. For example, Facebook has included longer videos in people’s news feeds.

Creating an enticing video can be confusing and time-consuming. It is probably an art to create a captivating video. However, with the right kind of tools and proper guidance, you can edit social media videos in a jiffy.

Here are some steps that will help you achieve your goal.

1. Determine your target audience

Your marketing needs will dictate the video design and layout. For example, your goal might be:

● Brand awareness and campaigning

To heighten brand awareness and launch products, it has become essential to create high-quality and customised videos for marketing on online social networks. Building brand awareness and campaigning, if done right, can be very effective.

● Improving engagement

To expand your content marketing horizon, optimise your video content by catering to the needs of your target audience and be unique. Hence to increase visibility and improve engagement, videos need to resonate with your audience; they should be relevant. You need to understand why people are watching your content in the first place.

2. First impression could be the final impression

Always start on the right foot. According to psychologists, the viewer’s attention span for online videos is 10-20 seconds, after that, the viewership declines if he/she realises there is nothing there for them. So make sure to put the best in the first shot so that your audience watches the entire video. Let the audience know the video is as per their expectations and encourage them to keep watching.

Since the aim is to win the audience’s attention, it is better to keep the videos short and specific. In the initial video, show them the benefits of the product in a subtle way, but never the endorsements.

3. Make use of the features

There are a plethora of video editor tools that can be used for video editing. You don’t have to be a conjurer to get that perfect video. Firstly, choose the right video editor for the purpose.

InVideo provides ready, high-quality video templates for platforms, such as:

● Facebook and Instagram Stories

● Youtube Videos (entire videos, intros, outros)

● Youtube, Facebook, Instagram ads

● Facebook and LinkedIn Newsfeed, Instagram post

● Twitter timeline

● Snapchat story

You can select tools as per your requirement. For example, Windows 10 has a preloaded video editor, using which you can create short videos. You can also add text, music, effects and so on to embellish it. Whereas, in IOS, iMovie is the pre-existing video editing software. It also includes a range of video editing tools to create flawless videos that can grab the audience’s attention.

4. Integrate your content into the respective platform

With the rise of social media platforms, changes in UX design is inevitable. It is crucial that the content seamlessly fits into the UX design of the platform you are using. Each social media platform has different size requirements. To make the video look perfect on every platform, resizing is necessary. And for such technical stuff, the InVideo editor is a great tool.

5. Edit your videos by muting your audio

Auto-playing videos have been grabbing the audience’s attention for a while now.

Though it has many benefits, unexpected content bursting with loud audio can be quite annoying. So to create a better experience, using auto-playing videos without sound can be the right choice.

And with InVideo’s video editing tools, one can easily mute the audio. In that way, you can leverage the benefit by grabbing the audience’s attention without disturbing them. Don’t forget to include captions on no sound auto p[lay videos.

6. Avoid cross-posting content across platforms

When distributing videos to different social media platforms, one has to understand the algorithm and tailor it accordingly for each platform. Directly uploading a video can be done quite easily by using the creative tools of each platform. But never post the same content videos for different platforms.


In this information-overloaded era, short videos are the perfect form of offering content to your audience. Since a video can make or break your content, it needs to be edited in such a manner that it works in your favour.

A basic idea of video editing is enough for editing videos for your social media feeds. However, a little creativity on the subject can add spice to your content.

All the tips and tricks mentioned here may not make you an expert in video editing, but they can certainly help you get better results and save a lot of time.

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