Things you must know to prepare for the Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam AZ-104

Things you must know to prepare for the Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam AZ-104

Microsoft Azure is a leader in cloud computing services. As a result of its popularity, certified professionals have become even more in demand. Microsoft must update its products year after year to remain competitive in the industry. Microsoft has recently introduced an updated version of the AZ-103 exam, known as the AZ-104 exam, and has resulted in significant changes to Microsoft Azure Certification.

What Is AZ-104?

AZ-104 is an exam with a moderate difficulty level compared to other Microsoft-based exams. You will be required to take a test comprised of questions drawn from the five modules provided below and case studies to demonstrate your ability to comprehend the advanced technical topics.

● Module 1: Governance and management of Azure identities (15-20%)

● Module 2: Implementation and management of storage (10-15%)

● Module 3: Management and deployment of Azure compute resources (25-30%)

● Module 4: Setting up and managing virtual networks (30-35%)

● Module 5: Monitoring and backup of Azure resources (10-15%)

The above points should be kept in mind while preparing for the exam of AZ 104.

What is the pattern of the AZ-104 exam?

Microsoft certification exam AZ-104 comprises 60 questions that you must answer within three hours. Questions are divided into separate sections during this exam.

Passing the examination will require clearing all the sections. The section usually contains multiple-choice questions, yes/no questions, practical exercises, and case studies. There may be one or several sections in a test. You may look at the questions in each area, except for the Yes/No questions.

Depending on the region, the exam fee varies. For Indians, the exam fee will be INR 4800. However, if you possess a referral voucher, you can receive a discount on the exam fee. After passing this exam, you will get a Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator certification. Your Microsoft cloud certification will be valid for two years.

What are the objectives of the AZ-104 examination?

This exam prepares you for the role of an Azure Administrator, a position that requires experience and knowledge in many areas, including:

● Installation, configuration, and maintenance of operating systems

● Virtualization technology, such as virtual machines (VM) and virtual networks

● Structures for storing data

● Disaster recovery and resilience, including backup and recovery procedures

● Concepts related to Active Directory, such as domains, forests, DCs, synchronization, Kerberos protocol, and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

● Cloud-based infrastructure

● Networking technologies, such as TCP/IP, DNS, VPNs, firewalls, and encryption

What are the skills measured by the AZ-104 exam?

Due to the pandemic situation, Microsoft has suspended performance-based lab questions. The decision is part of the company’s strategy of reserving Azure’s capacity for customers paying for the service. If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, you should take the exam as soon as possible. If you conduct research, you will know that data storage and network connectivity are the two subjects that comprise the majority of the test. It means you will be required to analyze and read much tabular information. Prepare well in advance to prevent any surprises if this is not your area of strength.

Your hands-on experience with the Azure certifications portal will be tested through questions related to configuration. Those who know their material well can answer these questions immediately. Otherwise, you may find the questions difficult to answer. In addition, this new Azure exam includes numerous scenarios taken from real-world situations.

What is the best way to pass the AZ-104 exam?

If you follow the following steps, you can minimize the time and effort you will need to pass the AZ-104 exam. Follow these steps:

● Gather all relevant information in advance

Consult the official exam information on the Microsoft website before preparing for this exam. It contains accurate and up-to-date information. Here you will find information regarding the eligibility requirements, prerequisites for the examination, exam objectives, fees for registration, and examination schedules.

● Understand the exam topics

There are different weights and modules for each exam. Therefore, it is essential that you carefully review the exam objectives. You will find detailed information about the importance of the different modules on the official web page for the exam. You can begin your preparation once you have a comprehensive understanding of each domain and module. The information you have obtained will allow you to concentrate on the essential modules for the exam.

● Take into account online learning.

Online training is an easy and convenient way to prepare for this exam. You will learn various concepts from industry experts if you take the online Azure certification training courses. Microsoft offers a few self-paced online training courses for the AZ-104 exam. With the help of an instructor-led training course, it is possible to plan out a comprehensive study plan that will ensure you cover all the topics and keep you updated with the changing nature of the exam questions.

● Participate in online forums and study groups

When you have all the information necessary for your examination, you should participate in study groups and discussion forums. By participating in these, you will have the opportunity to meet other individuals preparing for the examination. You may pose questions, respond to different messages, interact with other members who share your interests, etc.

● Practicing

Practice should be the last step of your preparation. Practicing the AZ-104 exam will increase your self-confidence and prepare you physically and mentally for the examination. Consider some good simulators once you have completed all your preparation. They give you a realistic simulation of the AZ-104 exam. In addition, you can use this activity to identify your strong and weak points so that you can improve upon your weak points.


Microsoft created the AZ-104 test after reviewing the feedback received for the AZ-100, AZ-101, and AZ-103 exams. The purpose of this new Azure certification exam is to

simplify the path to success for you as an Azure Administrator. Take the AZ-104 exam if you hope to advance your career in Azure Administration. This certification will allow you to showcase your skills to employers more professionally and help you stand out from the competition.

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