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Biggest Cricket Scandals in History

Cricket is widely known as the gentleman’s game. So, of course, when ungentlemanly behavior occurs, fans become furious. But what exactly does it mean to behave in an ungentlemanly fashion? In this article, we will go over controversies, scandals, and squabbles which have gained a lot of coverage in the cricket realm.  Hansie Cronje’s Match-Fixing […]

Rohit Sharma Reveals He Was Depressed For An Entire Month- Here’s More On It!

When Rohit Sharma learned of the team announcement, he said he had no one to talk to about it and was left alone in his room, pondering what went wrong. Rohit Sharma, the captain of Team India, is one of the best batsmen in white-ball Cricket right now. On his day, he can smash any […]

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