Wrapping Up EPL 2022/23: Lessons Learned From The Table |

Wrapping Up EPL 2022/23: Lessons Learned From The Table

Wrapping Up EPL

This season has been like many others. Ups, downs, spins around, and Manchester City peering down on their peers. What lessons have been learned and which fans should be looking at next season with bated breath? Let’s take a look.

Gunners Out Gunned

Arsenal was this season’s Icarus. Flying high in the sky of the premier league they have come crashing back down to Earth, from a chance at the top spot to becoming the also-rans of the season beneath Man City. They have a huge amount to be happy about though. At the start of the season, no one expected much of Arsenal, especially their fans.

Champion’s League football next season looked like a nice target, but just the thought of being in the mix for fourth place would have been enough to make any Arsenal fan wearily smile. They can be happy now that Arsenal has a team that has gelled and taken on clubs both home and away to prove themselves capable of challenging for a title. The gunners need more men in their ranks if they are going to be able to make a consistent push domestically while also making a good show in Europe in the 2023/24 season. With a stronger squad, they could have pushed Man City further. This bet365 India review can help you find a better place to bet on all sports, including the Premier League.

Flying High At The Etihad

The English Premier League’s blessing is also its curse. Manchester City has brought some of the biggest names in world football, including Pep himself, to the Premier League. Their superstar squad is like something out of a videogame, with the cheat codes on. Football in England has always attracted huge investment from almost bottomless pits of money, but this time the squad is more than just a list of big names. City has curated a collection of the finest players in world football.

When other teams like Arsenal begin to run out of fuel in the final furlongs, City can add fuel to their fire from their ranks of footballing maestros. City spent the tail end of the season on autopilot while there was turbulence below them, all the way to the bottom of the league. They are undoubtedly the current favourites to romp home with the title next season too.

The Fight For The Top Flight

Drama is one of the English Premier League’s specialties, and the bottom end of the league is always good for a rollercoaster ride in the final few months of a season. Some surprises were served up earlier on in the year, as Brentford established themselves as a team to be reckoned with and put themselves in the top half of the table. Many teams that have jumped up into the top flight have found it hard to stay in the Premier League level longer than a season or two, but Brentford plays an excellent game of football, granting them European ambitions.

Their success has mirrored Everton’s fall from grace. Always a good side, Everton has not been in a serious relegation battle since the mid-90s. This season has been a rollercoaster for the blue half of Liverpool off and on the pitch, and their woes look to continue. If you had asked anyone last September if Brentford would finish above Everton, you would have got a hard ‘no’, but here we are.

Next season will be filled with a new set of thrills and spills. Will the Liverbird on Merseyside rise like a phoenix from the ashes? Can Brentford or Newcastle challenge the big boys for the top spots? Tune in when it all kicks off again in August to find out.

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