Beat the Drop: The Final Furlongs of the English Premier League |

Beat the Drop: The Final Furlongs of the English Premier League

English Premier League

The teams have reached the final furlong of the Premier League, and it is anyone’s guess what the table will look like when all is said and done and the final whistle blows. Here is a quick guide on who to watch and what to look out for.

Tough at the Top, Worse at the Bottom

The biggest scramble in soccer is taking place at the bottom end of the English Premier League table. Dropping out of club football’s biggest leagues can create financial woes that last teams a lifetime. Losing out on the lucrative income from the EPL has historically brought dark days upon the teams and fans that have suffered relegation from the Premier League, and this year some big names are in a precarious position.

Everton has been one of England’s biggest teams for decades. Though they may be the second biggest club in their home city of Liverpool, they are still one of the country’s best teams and have a huge following across the world. Now, fans are looking at the league table with sweat and worry on their brow. They are dangerously close to dropping out of the Premier League and facing the financial turmoil that comes with it.

The Fight for Fourth

Everton fans are not the only people in the North of England nervously watching the league table. Failing to qualify for European football next season could be detrimental to their fellow Liverpudlian’s Liverpool F.C. Their owners have made huge investments in the last decade, in both people and property. Anfield’s new stands are impressive, but all the building around the pitch has led to a lack of growth on the pitch.

The chances of Liverpool squeaking a fourth-place finish are pretty strong; they usually finish a season well and have a little luck on the last day of football. The odds are a little against them, so putting a wager on them reaching Europe next season could be worthwhile. You can get a little extra value from using this Betway app download for a matched bet bonus. Likewise, a bet on Everton getting relegated is also worth a small wager, as they often suffer in the final game of their season.

A Season of Cinderella Stories

The biggest shocks of the season haven’t come from the big names in the league but from the minnows of top-flight English football. Newcastle United’s rise in the rankings has been an impressive sight to see. They are currently bossing their games while they sit comfortably in the top four. No one had that on their cards at the start of the season, but there they are, lording it over Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Chelsea.

Brighton and Brentford were seen as relegation contenders back in August, but now they sit comfortably in the mid-table and are assured of Premier League football next year. Brentford in particular have stood out this season. They hit the Premier League running after promotion last year and established themselves as a tightly organized team with the potential to slay giants. Keep an eye on their transfers in the summer window as they seek to secure their spot in the upper echelons of English football.

Anything can happen in the final games of the Premier League, and it usually does. Eyeballs across the world will be glued to big screens as we wait and see who will beat the drop, and who will be playing their games in the lower leagues next season.

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