Premier League Predictions: What to Expect from the 2023/24 Season |

Premier League Predictions: What to Expect from the 2023/24 Season

Premier League Predictions

The beautiful game produces some of its most beautiful stories through the English Premier League. Even in its most predictable seasons, it can provide some rollercoaster rides for fans of its teams. The coming season will be no different. Here are some predictions for the coming season that could provide us with some more great footballing stories.

City of the Future

It is impossible to speculate on the future of the English Premier League without talking about the sky-blue half of Manchester. For what felt like forever, it was Manchester United that was the talk of the town, but now United is a team barely worth talking about. If you want a prediction for them, they will finish mid-table, out of the Europa spots. Expect little from them.

For City fans, the skies could not be bluer. They are presumed champions before a ball is kicked and seem to have a fairly settled setup while the other big names in the league are either regrouping or rebuilding. With Manchester City in the shape they are in, no team can reasonably challenge them over the course of a season. Well, almost no team.

When the season kicks off again, and the games get going, City goals will be raining in for the reigning champions. The best betting action will be in-game for those that like to speculate. Using bet365 live betting will help you find odds worth wagering on when it comes to a team in this form. Even to be crowned the next champions, the odds are low. No one can see a challenger to their title emerging yet.

Gunning for Success

If you are looking for the 2023/24 season’s dark horse, look to North London. This is another team that used to dominate the league, and arguably Manchester United are where they were five or six years ago. The rebuilding effort has been a bumpy one for Arsenal, but the team is finally starting to show signs of gelling together and having some depth in the ranks.

United should be taking lessons. Mikel Arteta now has more talent to play with and a group that has more believers than doubters which was something that had been holding the squad back. The manager has stood the test of time and critics and is now in a position to lead the players up the league. He has faced down his doubters, and now the boys on the pitch must do the same.

A Total Klopp Out

Jurgen Klopp has entered his last season at Anfield. This is a bold prediction, but the closer you look, the higher the stakes are for Liverpool plc, as well as the fans and players. Finishing outside of the top four cannot be repeated. This shouldn’t be too much of a concern for the 2020 champions, but Liverpool have a very unsettled team and are trying to spend their way out of trouble. The stakes are high for Jurgen Klopp.

If the almost all-new midfield fails to gel with the almost all-new striking options, Liverpool won’t score goals. This will be their undoing. Even when the Liverbird soared high above Fortress Anfield, Liverpool conceded goals from the left, right, and center. That was fine when Mo Salah was King of the Kop, and Sadio Mane was the engine that powered Liverpool’s dreams, but one is gone and the other is in his twilight years of striking.

If Liverpool is a mid-table team in January, the money men behind the red men will start getting nervous. The billion-dollar project means they cannot afford to miss out on Champions League football again next season, and switching managers to save the season is a popular pastime with the owners of Premier League clubs. The stakes are high for Jurgen Klopp.

All this could happen, or none of it could happen. Whatever happens, the next season is going to give us a lot to talk about, some amazing goals, and more stories to add to the English Premier League’s impressive and entertaining history.

Photo by Tembela Bohle:  Pixabay (Source)

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